“Green Cards,” Permanent Residence and Visas for Family (Parents, Children, Siblings) Inside the United States and Outside the United States

Our office can help you secure legal status for family members inside the United States through a process called adjustment of status. We can also help petition for family members who are currently outside the United States through what is called consular processing.

We can answer your questions and help with:

  • Applications by United States Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents
  • Marriage-based petitions
  • Petitions for parents, children, stepchildren, adopted children, brother and sisters
  • Petitions to remove conditions to permanent residence, Form I-751
  • Petitions to remove conditions after separation or divorce from husband or wife
  • Particular issues regarding same-sex couples
  • Waivers based on hardship to family members if there have been past immigration violations or criminal convictions
  • Information about the visa bulletin, backlog for certain visa categories [LINK]
  • Family-based relief when in removal proceedings (deportation proceedings) in the Immigration Court.

It is our goal to get to know your unique circumstances during the initial consultation so that we can provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision about how to proceed with your immigration matter. We will give you an honest assessment of which option or options will be the most effective and efficient for you and help you avoid common mistakes given how complex and ever-changing the immigration laws are in the United States.

When we represent a client for a family-based matter, we help you gather key evidence, work with you to fill out the forms, manage the steps of the case for you and prepare you and your loved ones for interviews when those are part of the case.

Personalized, client-centered lawyering makes all the difference. We are on your side and by your side at every step. Our first goal is getting to know you and your unique circumstances so we can help determine the best immigration options for you. We take pride in understanding and staying up-to-date with the complex and ever-changing immigration laws so that we can be there to guide you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!