Do you offer a free initial consultation?

While we do not offer free in-depth consultations, an attorney or intake specialist would be glad to speak with you for a few minutes to answer questions you may have about us, and to make sure that we will be able to meaningfully address your questions in a more in-depth consultation. We do not want to waste your time or money, so we will let you know if it appears your particular issue is outside the scope of our expertise.

When we do meet you for an initial consultation the attorney will block off an hour to take her time and sit down with you in order to answer whatever questions you may have, explain the immigration laws and provide you with an honest and thorough assessment of your options.

How much is the initial consultation? 

Our consultation fee for an hour-long meeting is $300.00.

Why do I need an initial consultation?  Why can’t you answer my questions over the phone before I come to the office?

Immigration law is complicated. The laws have changed over the years and continue to frequently change. During our initial consultation we will get to know your unique circumstances in the context of the immigration laws so that we can provide an assessment tailored to you based on our expertise. We will also spend time explaining the applicable laws and rules so you can make the most informed decision for yourself and your loved ones. Of course it is our hope to help you identify the most efficient and cost-effective immigration options, but sometimes it may be the case that we do not see any viable options for you under the current state of the laws. If this happens, we hope you will find value in knowing you may have avoided filing something for which you are not eligible, wasting time and money and potentially causing even more complications.

I just have one or two simple questions. Can’t I just ask you my question on the phone before we meet? 

For better or worse, immigration law in the United States is not at all simple. Immigration law is complicated to begin with, and to complicate matters even more, the laws have changed over the years and continue to constantly change.  Although immigration law is under the auspices of Federal Law, there are still differences in how laws are interpreted throughout the United States. We often hear clients compare their circumstances to a friend or loved one. While it is natural to want to do so, it can be dangerous to make assumptions this way. Someone may appear similar to you on the surface, but there can be many variables. It is always best to consult with a reputable, experienced immigration attorney to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.

Do you provide phone, Zoom or Skype consultations?

Yes, though we prefer meeting in person whenever possible.

How much will a case cost? Can you give me a quote for a particular case over the phone?

We bill hourly for most of our legal services. This way you are only billed for time actually spent as opposed to having us guess how much time a process will take and potentially overcharge you if we end up spending less timeWe are happy to accept a down payment and then work out a plan for remaining payments in installments according to when we will be performing the work on your case. We provide personalized service based on years of experience practicing exclusively immigration law. We are there for you every step of the way in your case. You will likely find there are attorneys charging less, as well as attorneys charging more.

We do not quote a range of legal fees until we have the chance to first meet with you. During our initial consultation we will get to know your unique circumstances in the context of the applicable immigration laws so that we can do our best to provide an assessment, and a range of estimated fees, tailored to your case. There are so many variables that need to be considered. While we truly understand why a potential client would want to know even a general estimate, we don’t feel that it is responsible to create any expectations before first having an understanding of all the unique circumstances of the case. What we can assure you is that at the end of your consultation, you will have an honest, straightforward assessment of your options and the likely costs for each option. It will then be up to you to decide. We understand choosing an attorney is a big decision, and encourage you to decide which attorney feels right to you.

Do I really need an immigration lawyer? 

This answer depends on many factors. Whether or not you ultimately decide to hire us or another qualified immigration attorney for a particular case, we do strongly recommend sitting down for an in-depth consultation. This can really be invaluable. Once you have all the information you need you can decide whether you need an attorney. As mentioned above, immigration law is very nuanced, complicated and ever changing. It may seem straightforward to fill out and file a form, but there is much more that needs be taken into consideration to avoid delay or pitfalls. For example, every time a new form is filed with immigration, any past immigration history, filings, entries and exits will be scrutinized by the adjudicator. For that reason it’s wise to have an attorney specializing in immigration law screen for any potential complications and then manage the process. It is not our aim to sound scary, but we often encounter clients who have filed something incorrectly, or filed something that should not have been filed. An ounce of caution in the beginning of the process can literally save years and thousands of dollars. So the moral of the story is, at least have a consultation and probably hire an attorney.

Other attorneys offer free consultations, why don’t you offer a free consultation? 

We block out a full hour to sit down with you, get to know your unique history and explain the immigration law and options to you. Our aim is to give you valuable information and tools to make the most informed decision for yourself and your family at the end of that hour. We will not rush you in and out of my office.

Please also see the answers about consultations above.

How does hourly billing work? 

After you meet with the attorney and she assesses your case, she will provide you with an estimate of the total for the case and request payment in that amount. Often, we can also offer payment plans as a courtesy. Our objective is to have enough funds in your IOLTA trust account (which is almost like a savings account) ahead of the work that needs to be done so we can draw on those funds when we perform work on your case. Each month that we work on your case, you will get a detailed bill including all the work that has been done on your case. If there are funds in this account at the close of the case, we write you a check and return them to you.

We have found that hourly billing is the fairest to all parties involved and allows us more flexibility to adjust the scope of our representation if there are any changes in the laws of procedures, and there are more changes these days. We feel this is actually more fair than increasing flat fees across the board. And we’ve noticed that cooperative clients have often been paying us less overall than what we would have charged for that same case on a flat fee basis. We will make sure all your questions about billing, and anything else related to our potential working relationship, are answered before you make the down payment and sign the contract.