U Visas / Crime Victim Visas

If you or your family members were victims of certain serious crimes, you may be eligible for a U visa. U status is what is considered a nonimmigrant status, and allows authorization to work for up to four years. Applicants for U status can also include certain family members in the application. Generally, a U visa holder can apply to become a lawful permanent residence after holding U visa status for three years. When a U visa petition is filed, often an application that can waive past immigration violations and even criminal convictions is filed at the same time.


One crucial component to the U visa process is demonstrating that the applicant was, and still is, helpful to the investigation and prosecution of the crime, if applicable. A designated official at the appropriate law enforcement agency, police department or district attorneys office must sign a form stating that the applicant was helpful to the investigation or prosecution.


It is extremely rewarding for our office to help clients and families turn a traumatic event into something positive when it results in stabilizing their legal status in the United States.

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